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relay switch

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    BJT or MOSFET for 4017 Relay Driver Circuit retaining High-Level Logic Output

    Hello there, I'll start by saying I'm by no means an expert in electronic design, so please bear with me. Also my schematic and the datasheets I'm using will all be attached to this post. I'm designing a circuit whereby the output of a 4017B IC is driving a relay via a BC337-25 BJT Transistor...
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    Question about technical limitations of 12v relay switches

    Hi, I'm new here, I've just started a project that has me building an electrical circuit for the first time and I don't really know what I'm doing! I'm hoping someone can answer a quick question. I have a 12v electric motor (has two power levels, at 9A and 20A and it was suggested to go with a...
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    Troubleshooting / repairing basic panel heater

    Hello, I have a panel heater that stopped working. It's a large item, and a relatively basic electrical device. So rather than through it away, I'm going to try and fix it. It has a relatively simply 2x1 inch component board in it. What I have determined so far: 1. There is power reaching...
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    Help please, will this circuit work.

    Can anybody advise me if the circuit attached will function as required. The external timer supplies a 6 volt signal to the relay coil for between 3 & 9 seconds, this in turn drives the 12 volt motor for the 3 to 9 seconds & it also charges the 220uf capacitor. At the end of the 3 to 9 seconds...
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    Control I2C Relay device from longer distances

    I need to Control I2C Relay device switching with 2 ESP8266, As I have to use wired connection and control the relay from 40 m distance from every ESP8266. According to some suggestion, I should be using I2C extender but how much far we can use these extenders and is there any other way also...
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    Single pulse latching relay?

    I'm working on a project for school, it's basically a IR controlled fan with 9V DC. Basically you press any button on a tv remote and the IR sensor ( TSOP 1838) picks up the signal and outputs it to the fan and the fan spins. Problem with this is I have to continuously keep a button pressed on...

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