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Adding transmitter to a micro relay switch


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Hi all. Total moron here lol. Not into electronics but I'm a Magician and am creating a new effect that uses a 2ch wireless relay switch with remote. I ordered the Relay switch and have attached pics. My main issue is that you need to add the transmitter by using the set learning dots as in the Pic. Anyone give me a clue how I go about this? I assume I need to power it but just not sure. Any advise well received. Thank you.



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You show photos of something that has no instructions. We do not know what the "set points" do. The main IC in the photo has its part number removed so we cannot look it up to see what it is used for.

Please attach the instructions for the "relay switch" which I guess is the transmitter. What will you use as the receiver?

Dan Soze

Can't find much that is relevant about this gadget. This is what I have found so far:


Item Type: Switches
Model Number: 3.5-12 2ch
Warranty: 1
Remote Distance: 10-100m
Features: mini receiver
Certification: CCC
Switch Type: Remote Control
Frequency: 315mhz only

Product Description:

Max Load: 2A . Each relay 1A (have better Load less than 700ma)
Quiescent Current: 7ma
Relay Working Current:1 Relay ON 50ma , 2 Relay on 100ma
Size: 0.87inch*0.81inch*0.44inch
Working Mode: Momentary, Toggle, Latched, Delay time, adjustable
Encoding Type: Learning Dot to add Transmitter
Input DC4V-DC24V Output 0V Switching Value

Working Way :
Momentary: press one button is working /ON. loosen your finger on the same button is stop/OFF
Toggle : press one button for one time is working/ON .press the same button again is stop/OFF .
Latched : press button A is working/ON ,press button B is stop/OFF
Delay time : Press remote control A button, the corresponding relay actuates and keeps working until the time out.(5S)

Learn method :
Input 12V for the Receiver , Connect the Learning Dot, The receiver Led indicator ON. Press remote button A 1 time, Led indicator flash for 1 times , Then Press remote button B 1 time , Led indicator flash for 1 times again , it mean learning successfully

Clearing method:
Connect the Learning Button . Until the receiver Led indicator flash for 5 times, it mean Clearing Code

How to change working way :
L: Connect the Learning Dot . Until the receiver Led indicator flash for 1 times, it mean Change L successfully.

M: Connect the Learning Dot . Until the receiver Led indicator flash for 2 times, it mean Change M successfully.

T: Connect the Learning Dot . Until the receiver Led indicator flash for 3 times, it mean Change T successfully.

M4 Signal temporary : Connect the Learning Dot . Until the receiver Led indicator flash for 4 times, it mean Change Delay time successfully.

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