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simple Accelerometer interface?

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ok heres the deal i remember seeing a simple accelerometer interface with a computer over usb a while back but can remember where the heck i saw this or if i am even remembering correctly... The accelerometer i have was a very neat find as it cam out of a Nintendo game called Kirby Tilt and Tumble made in 2000... i have the data sheet right here:

ADXL202JQC pdf, ADXL202JQC description, ADXL202JQC datasheets, ADXL202JQC view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

BTW can i just disolder this normally? Will the Heat cause any trouble with an accelerometer?

Just need something to show this puppy working on a computer and i will go from there, finding a more permanent home for it besides a breadboard. : P

Thanks in advance!!!
Not open for further replies.

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