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Shorting USB pins on a phone with OTG

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I want to ask what's the effect if for few seconds
the VCC, D+, D-, ID, GND pins on a phone or tablet
with OTG are shorted while its powered, never did and i want to know if it is destructive for the port in case it is done.

i think on charge only cables D+, D- is shorted also
ID pin is tied to GND on host mode.

dr pepper

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Shorting d- & d+ tells the phone its connected to a charger capable of supplying 1 amp, there are other combinations using resistors, but they are manufacturer specific.
If the phone didnt have protection and you shorted the power terminals it would probably blow something.


so it depends to the device if shorting all pins might destroy the port?

in case of OTG device shorting the pins (including GND and ID) makes it
go into host mode meaning VCC and GND output voltage instead of accepting?
or it acts are peripheral?


thanks dr pepper for your try.
somebody else knows some more about it?
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