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Serial ADC

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Hi guys/gals :)

Please send me details about 12bit serial ADC for interfacing with 8051.
It should be cheap cause it is for hobby kit so you know it.

Waiting n Thanx.



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Burr Brown (TI) is a major manufacturer of ADC’s DAC’s. Check them out.

One of the easiest IC’s for experimentation is the old Tried N’ True ADC0804. And, it’s cheap! :D

(PS** Time to ditch the old 8051 and start PIC’n / ADC’s built in :wink: )


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Hi there,

It's nice to have the part no.
I have 0808 but it's 8 channel parallel.
I know 8051's becoming obsolete but it is still serving my purpose.
The day when i'll see that i need more, i'll switch to newer familiy ver of the same. I am looking for ds32008 series. R U aware ot the same? If Y PLS tell me more bout that.

Thanx anyway..

Keep Up The Good Work



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cheap A/D

The ADC0804 is a nice part, but has a parallel interface. One thing you didn't mention was the speed you wanted to run the A/D conversions at.
If your application can make do with fairly slow conversions, here are two inexpensive designs from EDN that make use of a micro's hardware timer to help make the conversions.



The first is a single-slope design, the second uses a dual-slope approach and provides good accuracy for such a simple circuit. Both circuits burden the micro with more work than a self-contained ADC, but keep your costs down.

If you want a complete single-chip 12-bit ADC, you might try Microchip's MPC3221, a very low power A/D with an I2C interface. It's available from Digi-Key for ~ $2.

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