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Sending 3-axial analog accelerometer's data wirelessly


New Member
Hello eveyone,

I have a wired analog Accelerometer (KS943B100) IEPE output, BNC connectors. It is actually connected to an NI cDAQ-9171 with serial connection and then to the PC with labVIEW.
My objective is to make this application wireless by connecting the sensor to an MCU, send the data to another one, and then connect it to my DAQ.

I want to meet these standards : 20KHz minimum sampling, 12 bit ADC, anti aliasing filter with half the sampling data.

The components I thought of :

MCUs : Teensy 4.1
Wireless module: NRF24L01+ PA+ LNA
ADC: Waiting to find if the built in ADCs in teensy will do the job.
Filter: Waiting your suggestions. Do I need to build my own or there are pre-built filters.

Any advice, suggestions will be appreciated

Thank you


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