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  1. NameToRemember

    How can i control 3 seperate buttons using a wireless remote control?

    I want to be able to use a remote control key fob like this... (Click here to visit ebay link) to wirelessly control 3 buttons. I am a window cleaner using a water pump in my van to pump water to my water fed pole. To do this I'm using a speed controller which can raise the pressure of the...
  2. M

    Wireless doorbell to latching ON/OFF Switch

    I would like to use a wireless doorbell I have to control a latching ON/OFF Switch, I found this great video My receiver circuit is slightly different as it has a CD4069 but I believe it won't matter as the wires going to speaker are used. The schematic is not clear on the part where the 2...
  3. M

    Speed and reliability in wireless network

    After reading countless of articles about internet protocols, I am in the process of rolling my own wireless one between microcontrollers in which one acts as a master and the remaining as slaves. The wireless devices I use is HM-TRP configured at 38400 baud and connected to the UART of each...
  4. N

    Fast wireless transceiver module

    I am looking for a low delay wireless module which can send and receive data in a very short time. Data length is just a few bytes generated by a microcontroller connected by UART/SPI interface. The application requires repetitive send and receive of data in less than 10ms, which means time...
  5. C

    Wireless: short-hop vs. short-range — what's the difference?

    Can you explain me the difference between short-hop wireless and short-range wireless, if any?
  6. D

    Trying to ID a connector type...cause it's broken!

    Hello, I do PLC programing and often have to play around in circuits. While I'm usually ok, on this job I stumbled on a connector I don't recognize. I'm hoping I'm on the right thread! It's a WiFi antenna...I've never ever installed wifisystems so I'm stumped!! I usually, 99% of the time, deal...
  7. M

    Bluetooth Noob

    Hi Can someone give me some info on how to get started with Bluetooth ? I want to send the output of a multimeter via Bluetooth. Is there an out of the box solution ? (It's for a proof of concept so something that I could just hookup and pair would be good) Any ideas on how to get started ...
  8. savaslt

    Very interesting device development (projector, camera, wireless charging, fingerprint all-in-one)

    Hey! I just registred here several moments ago because I am currently working on my own project and I've got a lot of questions on electronics, sensors, gadgets right now because the project requires a lot of knowledge in it but unfortunately I don't have, so I came here. Let's move on the...
  9. R

    Arduino Wireless Master to multiple Slaves.

    Hi all, This is my first post in this forum, as I'm mainly involved in Microcontrollers (PICS etc.) ... I have a requirement where I want to use an Arduino as a front end master controllers to some sort of a wireless duplex network, 'talking to' a series of battery powered mobile slaves units...
  10. D

    Pulse Sensor using NRF24L01 for Wireless Transmission

    Hello, I'm starting with this new project of mine, I am just new to this thing and I hope I'll make it work. I will be using a Pulse sensor https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11574 and it will be apply to a suit that is often used by the gym persons. And to avoid using many numbers of wires...

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