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Selling Microwave Waveguides

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I am currently Selling a set of Waveguides, they are from a kit from my school. I acquired them when the school decided they needed to clean out some closets. The set is in a fairly nice plastic carrying case that has all its components organized into 3 drawers in cutout foam. All of the waveguides have been kept undisturbed and are in great condition, with one exception(the Plexiglas Slotted Line Detector (LRL 505) is cracked) but does not effect its functionality. I am posting a link to E-Bay for the listing. The kit as a whole goes for about $3,800 and from that I am not listing the Mirowave emitter just the Waveguides. If any one wants or knows anyone that would want this kit please post here. If you want any additional pictures or info I would be more than willing to add it.
Also if you know of anywhere else I should post this please let me know.
Thanks and have a good day.

Microwave Waveguide Kit - LRL: 502, 503-SS, 504, 505 - eBay (item 270695887666 end time Jan-31-11 17:35:18 PST)

Listing includes:
Top Drawer:
LRL 512 - Directional Coupler
LRL 504 - Frequency Meter
LRL 515 - RG-58 Cables (quantity 3)
LRL 513B - Fixed Attenuator
LRL 513A - Fixed Attenuator
LRL 506 - Flap Attenuator
LRL 506 - Flap Attenuator
1 Bag of screws & bolts

Middle Drawer:
LRL 502 - Transition
LRL 502 - Transition
LRL 516 - E-Plane Tee
LRL 508 - Thermistor Mount
LRL 507 - Termination
LRL 511 - H-Plane Tee
LRL 531 - Horn Antenna
LRL 531 - Horn Antenna
LRL 518 - Detector Mount
LRL 517 - Slotted Line Tuner
LRL 521 - E-H Plane
LRL 505 - Slotted Line Detector
LRL 532 - Shorting Plate

Bottom Drawer:
LRL 514 - RG-9 Cable
LRL 523 - Waveguide Stands (quantity 4)
LRL 503-SS - Solid Slate Oscillator
LRL 723 & LRL 503A - Klystron Tube & Mount

Listing Price is $1000
Shipping Calculator onsite.
Also available for pickup for any local buyers
Houston, TX
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