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is anyone selling any 43256-LP12 static rams or equivalents?


New Member
i need 2 and i think they are overpriced on ebay. i dont mind paying a couple of quid for them. i think faster access chips will work too.

as long as they have the correct pins they should work.

any 32K-WORD BY 8-BIT or 256K-BIT should work too

im uk based btw


New Member
I've managed to find plenty of LS00's, 21's and 153's, as well as a tube of SOP surface mount Hitachi HM62256ALFP-10T SRAM chips in my stock. The only ones I haven't managed to find yet are the LS08's, and I know I must have some around somewhere. You might be able to use the SRAM's with an adaptor board. Let me know if your interested in the parts, and I'll get some off to you if I can get your address, but it may be next week sometime.



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