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SCK on 18LF4520


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I am trying to get a 5110 LCd to run on a surface mount PCB with an 18LF4520 PIC.
I have LEDs flashing, so I know the PIC is 'alive', but at the SCK PIN 37 it goes high at start-up, but doesn't 'clock'
I've looked on the DS, and see there is a bit to switch it on, but I've not noticed it in programs I've seen, or perhaps I've missed it.
Any clues please? I'll keep trying.


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Most people forget to TRIS the C port It will be high as it will be pulled high by the 5110..
Hi I,
I have TRISed the C port, so it must be something else.
Are you using hardware SPI? SSPCON1 = 0x20 turns on SPI..
Hi I,
I tried that setting, but no SCK switching.
On the PCB I used 1.27mm spaced connector, which are a bit too close for soldering, so I will try again with 2.54 ones, and see what that brings, thanks.

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