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sanwa RD 701

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dr pepper

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That model is still on ebay, new about the same price as you say, so a new one might be better than one that could have been abused.
The newer model the 770 is about 80 ukp which is less, so that might be a better option, but be aware of fakes.
Unless you want reasonable quality or good accuracy you can get a similar function meter for a lot less, which might be a better buy if you think you'll loose it or blow it up, I have a decent meter and a couple of cheapo's for that reason.
Oh yes I dont consider myself an 'expert', just well seasoned.


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Nigel Goodwin>
well kinda short of option its sanwa or fluke or uni ti
but the fluke is kinda too much to buy and rare to find in my country

sanwa models are relativity available in my country
there are other choices
sanwa cd732

sanwa pc 5000a

sanwa cd772

they all are in new condition and original
suggest any one ?
any way i have many cheap multi meter radioshake true rms / uni ti ut33b and other . just want another one as refrence

dr pepper

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I like the '772 but only because its sealed up and can withstand dirty environments, and it has a k type thermocouple interface, both are common where I work.
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