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Ryobi hand vac charging output


I have a Ryobi p180 charger for an 18 volt lithium ion p714 evercharge hand vac that's producing 28vdc, do you think 28vdc is a little excessive for an 18vdc battery?
I would expect it to produce closer to 20vdc.

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
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It depends entirely on the design, presumably that's off load anyway?, and it also depends where the charging circuitry is - if it's in the vac or in the battery that sounds pretty well correct, 20V would no use for feeding a Li-Ion charger.


Ok, thanks Nigel.
The charger runs through the vac to get to the battery.
The light on the vac flashes like it's charging but the battery isn't getting the charge.
I can charge the battery on my neighbours charger and it works.
Not sure if I'll take it apart just yet.

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