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robotics pick and place arm

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hi i am reema... my team mate asked you about pick and place arms a few days back...could you plz help us out...
we want to develop the arm with the 6 degrees of freedom.we hv the palm with us n we need to make the rest of it...we want it to pick light objects weighing around 50 to 100 gms....it must rotate in all the 3 x,y,z- directions to pick, lift, turn and place an object...now wat i wanna knw is how do we start.....we have to make a c program for the 8051 micro controller..this we will do..
can u plz tell me how do we work out the dimensions and measurements regarding the arm movements and controlling....
hoping to hear from u soon....thank u


What exactly do you need help with? You're questions are too general for anyone to answer in any reasonable way. Also, I think there is a robotics thread on the site, though I never go there.
Not open for further replies.

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