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Right AC to DC PWM speed controller


New Member
I’ve watched many videos on this subject but I am still struggling to select the best PWM speed controller for my application. I know enough about electricity to be dangerous, and need some help in selecting the right PWM AC [115VAC wall outlet] to a DC [PMDC] Jazzy motor/gearbox [wheelchair].

Some key features of the motor are: 1. Brake and Hub Removed [eliminated two wires], 2. RPMs are ROUGHLY 120rpm @ 24vdc/60rpm @ 12vdc, 3. 24vdc, 4. Brushed motor, 5. Watts Continuous, 200W; Watts Peak [starting], 1200W, 6. 8-9 amps? 7. The intended use of the motor is to drive a sheet metal bead roller [not over 12-15rpm’s] coupled together with a shaft-to-shaft Lovejoy.

I’m thinking about a PWM speed controller [enclosed or capable of being enclosed]. Other considerations are: adjustable speed [foot pedal], forward and reverse, power-on/off switch and power-on light, wire gauges used between components, recommended part names/part numbers and most importantly one that is compatible with the above motor. Any other options, e.g., SCR. Any kind of diagram would be extremely helpful.

I am U.S. Air Force retired and really can’t afford $100-$200 for a speed controller, but I do need one that will work with this application. Thanks in advance,

Jerry Pellerin

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