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RF application - microtransmitter & demodulator

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I'm sorry for double post

Hello everyone and sorry for my english.

I am not so good in english so here you can see a picture with what I want to do. The most importants questions I have are:
- > How to buld the RF micro transmitter for my project?
- > How to build the RF receiver and demodulator.

Another small problem is in the .asm soft for uController. Is here anyone who could help me to improove my .asm code or to make a better one? . Here is the circuit from wich I obtain the sine signal.
If anyone has a better idea about how to send trough radio waves the states of 3 switches at a interval of 500ms, I would be glad to hear it.
I hope someone will help me. Thanks :)

I have to say that I am still in the newbie category. My greatest project until now was a mini light-organ, with stereo input and 18 LEDs :D.
P.S. > Thank you @rmn_tech for your advice :).
Not open for further replies.

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