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Idea to control remote outlets from RF Relay


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I am trying to find out a way to have this control box relay to turn on and off a remote power outlet for Lights over a pool.

This is the Control Box, iAquaLink System

There is an App. that you can program aux devices that the unit can control if it's wired to the control board that
has a 24 volt relay that is wired to an Omron G7L-2A-TUBJ-CB relay that controls any 110/220 volt AC device.

what I am looking for is a wireless module that when the Relay clicks on or a 24v signal from the control board it turns on a remote switch via RF Signal.
I have been searching for a commercial product but they all use a little hand held remote to activate the switch. or they use the Google / Alexa.

The outlet is 30 ft from the control box and it's not going to be easy to dig a ditch, run pipe/wire, drill holes, mounting boxes and so on.
it would require breaking up concrete to do it.

I have been playing with the Arduino Uno R3 with some RF Transmitter and receivers with the RC-Switch Library

I bought this 433Mhz transmitter / Receiver pair. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...0?ie=UTF8&th=1

and these Wireless Plugs https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I was able to capture the remote 433Mhz control Binary code when I push the On / Off Buttons
Decimal: 4539699 (24Bit) Binary: 0100010101000101001100[B]11[/B] Tri-State: F0FFF0FF0101 PulseLength: 177 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 5488,140,564,492,216,132,572,136,564,140,568,488,220,136,568,488,220,136,568,488,216,140,564,136,572,132,568,492,216,136,568,492,212,136,568,140,184,296,364,72,32,16,36,632,184,724,268,316,204,

Decimal: 4539708 (24Bit) Binary: 0100010101000101001111[B]00[/B] Tri-State: F0FFF0FF0110 PulseLength: 177 microseconds Protocol: 1
Raw data: 5488,140,560,496,216,136,568,140,564,144,560,496,208,144,560,496,212,140,564,492,216,144,560,144,560,144,564,492,220,136,568,488,216,144,564,144,560,144,564,140,564,140,560,144,564,136,568,140,560,
The first line is when I push the On button the second one is the off button.
I tried using the Arduino to transmit the binary code to the plug but it did not work, although I hear the transmitter working from a noise from my speakers.
this option would require writing code to make it work. that's not my strong suite.

I found these https://relaypros.com/Relay/Device/MIRCR15 but they are expensive and a bit over powered for my application, I only need to go 3 ft, not 1 mile.
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