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Reverse polarity switch with delay for DC motor

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I am trying to get a 12vDC motor to run in one direction until it reaches the end position then stop and switch polarity so it will run the other direction when power is reapplied.
Then do the same thing at the other end.

1. timer turns power on for 1min. (7:00am -7:01am)
2. motor runs in one direction until it hits stop position, say 30sec.
3. power to motor turns off when it hits stop position and delays for the 1min. timer to end/turn off main power. also reverses polarity so that.
4. next time the main timer comes on (8:00-8:01) it dose the same thing in reverse direction.

Thank you in advance for any help. This is an important home project that needs to be 100% reliable.
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