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Replacing relays in circuit

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I've got a game console controller project that requires 9 double-throw switches. I'm currently using 4 DPDT and 1 SPDT mechanical relays to make this happen. I'd like to replace this setup with some kind of circuit that will not use as much power. I'm currently using batteries but would like to be able to power the whole thing through the USB that runs the controller board. I've looked into solid state relays, but there don't seem to be very many SPDT choices. The load side is not carrying much voltage as it is only making the connection of a button press.

I'm also kind of limited on the space available as this assembly needs to fit inside of the controller's outer casing.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I don't have much more technical knowledge other than what I've shown here, so please be patient.
Thanks in advance.


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There are latching relays that only require a pulse on their coils to operate, reducing the power wastefulness. That is, assuming they are not operated at a very high rate. Also, there are small, sensitive relays with coils that consume little power.

There are solid state options too, but the details depend on the exact voltages and currents and the loads the contacts are seeing. Are the relays switching only pushbuttons from game controllers, for example? If so, maybe CMOS switches can be used, but the actual load current and load voltage is key info to arrive at a successful solution.
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