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Repairing LED board for DMX par64 venue lights


Hi people, I am a bit stuck here trying to find out what an LED part number might be. Some of the green and blue LEDs have failed and a few red ones flicker at full brightness meaning soon to fail. Now I need replacements and no clue what to replace with.
These LEDs are like 10 MM diameter plus a base X 13 MM board to top of dome.
I am estimating the combined power for the 64 lights is about 10 watt total.
Actually a how to video on youtube but doesn't indicate any specs for the LEDs, so thought I would ask here.
Thanks people.


New Member
I assume that the LED pcb board has many resistors on it, did you check if they are still ok? You might contact the company and ask for a new LED pcb.
Replacing the LED's by hand is nonsense since you don't know if they will get overpowered and burn again on the current board.

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