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  1. DerStrom8

    DSFAUXLAN: Reverse-Engineering the Agilent/Keysight DSOXLAN LAN/VGA Module 2019-12-01

    Some time ago I broke down and finally bought an Agilent MSOX3024T oscilloscope. I felt like I needed a challenge, something to break in my new “fancy” scope. I use the MSOX4000 series scope at work, so I got used to a larger screen. When I began using the X3000 series scope I couldn't quite get...
  2. A

    Repairing Automotive Check Control Box

    Hi guys, I’m working on repairing some electrical issues on my old car. The gauges are a bit wonky, some don’t work and on the special occasion that they do they bounce up and down. I am currently going through the wiring of the car, but one issue I (may) have found is the check control box...
  3. PoussinViolent

    Custom Car Sound When Cranking The Ignition key, Opening Doors, Ect...

    Hello i have a nissan pulsar NX 1988 and when i open the doors a bell is ringing. So i thought that i could change the sound of the bell with a custom MP3 sound.:woot: ive seen MP3 modules that i could replace the bell with, but i need the sound to be triggered just one time and im not 100%...
  4. savaslt

    Very interesting device development (projector, camera, wireless charging, fingerprint all-in-one)

    Hey! I just registred here several moments ago because I am currently working on my own project and I've got a lot of questions on electronics, sensors, gadgets right now because the project requires a lot of knowledge in it but unfortunately I don't have, so I came here. Let's move on the...

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