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Renaming MPLAB files

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I would like to organize project files in MPLAB to make them easier to find. Is there a way that I can rename a project and have all it's related files come with. Will MPLAB be able to find the files if they are renamed.

If not, I guess I could just create new projects under the name I want and then cut and paste in the asm and simulator files but it would be much faster to rename existing projects.
Thanks Aaron


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You could always just put it all in a folder and just name the folder....
I've done that on several occasions.

Der Strom


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There's a way to do it, but it's not obvious. You need to do a "save as" on the project file to put a copy of it in a new directory with a new name (right click on the "mcp" file in the project window the select "save as"). Then you need to open the new project file and remove the source files from within the project window. Move or copy the source files over to the new directory. Rename to your preference. Add the source files from the new directory to the project. Save the project file. MPLab is not real flexible about moving things around so that's what you have to do.
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