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Relay or Similar Circuit for my door car

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Turbo Boss

New Member
I need a relay or Similar Circuit for my door car that activate when I am out of the car an close the door.....This system can has a timer to keep is working for some minutes.
This circuit has to let me open my door and when I close the door it has to activate a relay or circuit.
Maybe this sound strange but this is what I need in order to complete my project.
What I am trying to acomplish is the following.
My car is a VW Turbo and has a factory Keyless entry. I am instaling a Turbo Timer but when the engine is running it not allow to close the door locks with the Keyless remote because the engine is running.
I alredy find out what do I have to interface in order that the Keyless system work with the engine running but the only thing I need to finish this project and work ok is the circuit I ask at the begguining.

If the relay activate as soon as I open the door the courtesy light turn of inmediately......Thats why I need it activate when I close the door.


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