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Recreate and power up

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I got this online to seal polybags. The wire heats up and seals up the bag. But reality is it fails pathetically because it's too thin and doesn't heat up adequately even on brand new 6 AA batteries.
I wanna save bucks because I have already bought it.
Can someone guide me to give it more power for better heat and are the wires thick enough to withstand the electricity or we need to replace them?



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6 fresh AA cells = 9VDC. You could try powering the thing from a 12V supply, e.g. a car battery or computer ATX power supply. That would boost the heat generated by about 77%, but you would risk melting the plastic adjoining the heating element. Take great care and have a fire extinguisher handy if you go that route ;).


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6 AA cells in series will have a resistance of around 1 Ohm. That means if you take 1 A of current, the voltage will drop from around 9 V to around 8 V. It could be that the resistance wire is taking more than 1 A, and that just supplying the bag sealer from a supply that is better able to supply the current would be a big improvement.

Do you have a multimeter which you could use to measure the voltage when the heater is turned on?

Have you got any spare plug-in power supplies, for instance any old router power supplies? If you have, tell what the ratings are and someone may be able to say if they are worth trying.
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