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Recommendations on daq card for logging scope

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What I need:

A scope system that will hook up to labview or comparable with 4 channels and ability to sample at least at 50M samples/sec or so. I will need to log and compare data from separate channels recorded simultaneously. I also will need to output another frequency that will sweep from 0-500 pulses/sec with an amplitude of .1V or so.

That .1V output along with the other channel inputs will all need to be logged and compared. For instance, I will need to compare my output signal to CH1 at 200 pulses/sec and compare the peak offset, if any.

I will be capturing square and sine wave data.

I am hoping what I am describing is a relatively basic 4 ch scope and probably not even in the high speed category.... I am just wondering if the output signal will be a problem. I know some cards do this.

I would prefer to buy a DAQ type device for this for use with a laptop rather than buying a complete scope. I will admit that my partner is much more knowledgeable in this area but he is too busy to shop around.

When I visit NI website, I get lost FAST wiwth so many choices. I need a little hand holding I guess to learn this stuff. I am also open to other options as well. Don't have to go this route but ultimately need to send and receive frequencies and record all of it.

OH - I did want to ask a dumb question. I see some scope advertised as say "4mhz" and some as "30msps". How does the frequency compare to the msps? is 4mhz the same as 4msps? Am I off track?

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