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radio/communication tech/engineer


I am a firmware engineer seeking an assistant/consultant to help with the development of a radio tracking device (see the following
patent document or just search US20100149027) that is based on several different radio technologies including GPS, RFID, and interferometry. You do not have to be in Los Angeles. You could be anywhere. If you are knowledgeable about these things then please look at the patent document and email ([email protected]) a reply or call/text mike @ 213 675 1525. We can pay you as an employee or as a 1099. We found one guy already but he was $45/hr which is more than we can afford.


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Perhaps you could give a little more input on your requirements. Do you already have hardware and just need assistance testing? Or maybe you have chipsets and need help integrating them? Just exactly what sort of help are you looking for. For design work, $45.00 an hour is very reasonable. If it is just board testing, then maybe you could find someone willing to work for less.


well all i have at this point is a patent document that i can't really interpret because i don't know about such technologies. i need someone to describe for me the mechanisms involved with enough specifics that i can start to put it together. what kind of chips, amp and filter circuits, etc. i can design it if i know enough about the mechanisms involved.

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