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  1. D

    Object Identification Help: Likely part of an old Military Radio

    Hello everyone. Hopefully this is the right place to post this, I've been asking all over the internet for help identifying this object I have pictures of and this place seems like an active place to ask. I'm not the first person to try identifying this, but I do believe I've been the most...
  2. N

    fm-am transmitter/receiver

    Hello, I am wondering how to superimpose a square wave input signal onto a fm carrier signal?
  3. M

    One speaker is picking up radio module noise

    I currently made a module to my project which isn't quite functioning correctly. It's 4 distinct parts on one board. The radio I/O, the two independent sound amplifiers out of the LM386's and the RFID card reader. This is the circuit: The actual inverter IC I used is 74HCT04 because it...
  4. sr13579

    How to make an Oscillator for AM radio transmitter?

    I was looking for an 1MHz oscillator for AM radio transmitter circuit. But I couldn't find one with the 4 pin crystal quartz oscillator. How to make an oscillator by myself with basic electronics materials? Any Circuit or ideas?
  5. sr13579

    How to make an oscillator for AM Radio with Arduino?

    Is it possible to make an oscillator for AM radio with Arduino UNO R3? What should be the code? How am I supposed to make a full wave square wave oscillator with Arduino?
  6. E

    Regenerative receiver simulation

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to simulate a classic regenerative receiver under LTSpice. I'm not sure if I'm doing things correctly. I'd appreciate if anyone could correct me if I'm wrong, or suggets better ways of doing it. I modeled the antenna as a voltage source. Of course it is NOT real. I...
  7. patric44

    question about a radio circuit ?

    hello guys i recently made a SW radio using a TDA1083 radio ic using the circuit below and it works but ( not as expected ) i have been able to listen to SW brodcasts from china - greec - even egypt ! but the circuit has the folowing problems : 1- most of the stations are mixed together...
  8. patric44

    question about an AM demodulator IC ?

    hello guys i found in my electronics salvage an old ic its a TDA3845 when i searched for it and looked at the datasheet i saw that its a Quasi split-sound circuit and AM demodulator . so my question is : 1- what is Quasi split mean ?? 2- i was wondering can i use it to make an AM or FM radio...
  9. M

    radio/communication tech/engineer

    I am a firmware engineer seeking an assistant/consultant to help with the development of a radio tracking device (see the following http://www.google.us/patents/US20100149027 patent document or just search US20100149027) that is based on several different radio technologies including GPS, RFID...
  10. K

    RF circuit with HT12E and HT12D

    Hi, I have made a simple RF circuit with HT12E and HT12D. My problem is that when I press any switch on the transmitter and cut power to the transmitter by holding push switch, the receiver end is still showing a LED output. I want it to go to the default state of all LEDs off whenever...
  11. T

    What's going on in this simple FM transmitter, step by step?

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=simple+fm+transmitter&biw=1600&bih=775&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiOjtWdgcLOAhXmIcAKHW0EAx4Q_AUIBygC#imgrc=kiQJiKelqDqVMM%3A I'm trying to understand this circuit and so far I read a lot about fm transmitter circuits, but there's no clear description...
  12. R

    Transmission Line 'Gamma' Plane

    Hello all, I am trying to tackle a question at University on my Radio frequency module and it is regarding to transmission lines. The questions goes like the following: Why the magnitude of Г is equal to or less than 1? What is the physical meaning of the phase of Г? What is the increment of...
  13. M

    How to reduce the volume on my radio

    Hi i am new to this forum and thanks in advance I am a domestic electrician myself, know a little about electronics but not a great deal. I have recently bought a radio from lidl (it was cheap and looked the part! ) However it seems to be the loudest thing on the planet. Even on volume 1...

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