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  1. A

    1986 Ford Ranger Wiring

    So I bought a 1986 Ford ranger that needed the body harness completely rebuilt . As I'm ripping out the old harness I noticed something that looks like a wire nut with about 6 wires inside of it. Has anyone seen anything like this? Was this Normal for fords back then ? Or was this the result of...
  2. Alex_bam

    Understanding two Multivibrator models

    Hello, I simulated the two multivibrator models in CMOS technology using the cadence tool. I was expecting the model 2 with Schmitt trigger(ST) will show robustness in PVT (Process Voltage temperature) analysis as compared to model 1 due to ST. But this was not the case both the Models shows the...
  3. Alex_bam

    Designing Schmitt trigger oscillator using CMOS NAND gate.

    Hello, I am designing a Schmitt trigger oscillator based on a CMOS NAND gate. The block diagram along with schematics and its results are attached for your reference. I am using the CADENCE tool with 0.35um technology. Question: it can be seen in the result, the charging time of the capacitor...
  4. D

    MOS Tube GS Waveform Analysis

    For power supply engineers, we look at waveforms many times, including input waveforms, MOS switching waveforms, current waveforms, output diode waveforms, chip waveforms, and GS waveforms of MOS tubes. Let’s take the GS waveform of the switch as an example to talk about the GS waveform. When...
  5. I

    The beginning of a new process of learning

    Hello there, Nice to meet you!My name is Dragos.And I am a beginner in electronic and electrical engineering.I want some advices from you.I want to learn simulation S.P.I.C.E., using Mcro-CAP 12, or any profesional program,and I want to know how to begin the process of learning.I want to know...
  6. J

    Solar Guitar™ prototype

    Hello, I am building Solar Guitar™ prototype, an eco-friendly, self-sustained musical instrument solely powered by the Sun. 10-15 watt, 2 speaker guitar amplifier with preamp/reverb/chorus/delay/overdrive will be installed into the guitar’s body. Looking for a creative specialist to build this...
  7. P

    Kirchhoff Voltage Law in a two port network

    In a tutorial about h parameters of a two port network I find the below snippet unable to grasp. According to KVL, the total voltage in a loop is the algebraic sum of the individual voltages. But why in this tutorial ( equation 1 in below image ) it's given so. It should be something like V1 =...
  8. P

    Error checking codes in ECC

    What is a single bit error event and non-corrected error event? And How is it implemented in ECC?
  9. C

    Customize songs on a Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish

    Hey all, I am wondering if someone could assist me in a project I'm trying to do. I feel out of place because electronics are not my forte, I haven't really worked on them so this would be my first project. In other words I need help and in the words of Michael Scott from the office you'll...
  10. E

    LNA design in AWR

    AWR schematic uses 2x25 and 2x50 Transistors from .15um WIN PE15 process to design a LNA that operates in Ka-band. Can I use the same design for Ku band from Ka design? If yes, why can we use it? How can I change it to be a KU band (12-16Ghz)? I have attached the awr file if needed. I would like...
  11. learning

    Could you tell me the full name of these acoustic terms?

    Could you tell me the full name of these acoustic terms: fs: fc: Vas: Qes: Qms: Qts: Qtc: Vb: EBP:
  12. A

    Any available circuit diagrams of good basic walkie talkie licence free India

    Hello all I wanted a basic and good circuit diagram for walkie talkie that can be designed and made into ready use.Have attached image.Thanks all
  13. sr13579

    How to make a simple oscillator with transistor and Capacitor?

    I provided a circuit which should discharge at a specific time. But this circuit is not working as an oscillator. How should I make circuit which will give me oscillation?
  14. sr13579

    How to make a 5 V 1A adapter with 741 op amp?

    I am stuck with this project here. I was trying to make a voltage controlled current source which can generate 1A with 5V. I used a digaram of 741. But it didn't work. Is there anyone who can help me with showing me a circuit that can work? Thanks.
  15. C

    Homemade Multi Drill

    Hi, I'm thinking of making a multi drill for wood drilling, that uses anywhere from 6 to 9 9V or 12V DC motors. These motors would be wired in parallel, with one battery source. I'd mount a drill chuck on each of the motors shafts for a drill bit. Now, I need a little bit of help from you. Do...
  16. sr13579

    How to make an Oscillator for AM radio transmitter?

    I was looking for an 1MHz oscillator for AM radio transmitter circuit. But I couldn't find one with the 4 pin crystal quartz oscillator. How to make an oscillator by myself with basic electronics materials? Any Circuit or ideas?
  17. K

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Myself Katy Radcliff, Training Coordinator at BEST Inc. I love to repair and rework PCB's, so I hope I will get something new related to PCB's and other electronic things.;)
  18. sr13579

    Help me understand what is happening with my NGSPICE coding..

    The thing is, I am confused with rawfile and .print card (spice.out file). There are like 3 options for rawfile generation: NONE,COMPACT and ACCURATE. While I am using NONE with the .print card the result is going inside a .out file without generating a rawfile. But when I am using ACCURATE or...
  19. sr13579

    Can't get a print of voltages between nodes from this SPICE (NGSPICE) simulator.

    The code is here, Diode Voltage Drop r1 1 2 10k r2 2 3 5k r3 3 4 4k r4 4 0 3k vin 1 0 dc 10 .print dc v(3,2) .end As you can see I am trying to get a voltage drop between node 3 aand 2. But the print function is not working properly. It is just showing the usual outputs of( the ouput is...
  20. Adam Binder Rogacki

    What capacitor to use?

    Hello, I can't find anything about what capacitor to supply to a circuit. And why to supply it to a circuit. If I e.g have a circuit with a battery and a led, the battey is 3.2v, and the led's forward voltage is 2v, and the current limit is 20mA to the led. Oh, and what happens when a capacitor...
  21. sr13579

    What is wrong with my transformer output?

    The thing is, I was trying to regulate a 220V-9V to 5 volt. I did it though. Everything was right.I was trying to make a dark sensor with NOT gate () The settings are good. But it wasn't working fine with the AC to DC adapter.( It is working fine with a battery like the video). The thing is...
  22. sr13579

    How to stop 555 IC from heating up?

    I was trying to make a LED flasher with 555 IC. Then I thought how about I set a transformer with the output-ground pins. And I also reduced the resistance between 7 and 6 pin. And I am getting a 31V AC output from my transformer output panel. Looks like it is possible to make an inverter with...
  23. sr13579

    How to use a TDA7052 IC properly?

    After a massive crash on LM386 I moved on to TDA7052. This is a very good IC so far. I want to make sound boxes and sell them. That is why I want to know more info than datasheet if available. I have some questions though: 1. How to secure the connection to reduce noise? 2. How to protect the IC...
  24. sr13579

    Is it safe to use a 5V-1A USB(Samsung mobile) charger for lm386?

    Hello everyone, A brother from my hometown told me to make a mini amplifier that can pull the power out from a USB charger(or PC USB). I happened to working on a logic gate IC and burned the IC while using a USB(power bank) charger. I want to know is it safe to use a 5V-1A charger to power the...
  25. sr13579

    How to increase bass on speaker?

    I have a 8ohm 30W speaker and lm386. I don't know much about the internal structures of lm386. I want only bass sounds(frequencies) in that speaker. How can I do that? And I also want to know how to smoothen the high frequency sounds?

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