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Protection against static

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I have 8 pins from a PIC MCU wired to a RJ45 as connection to the outside world via sensors (LDR, LM35, etc). Some of the 8 pins are used as inputs, the rest as outputs.

Some questions:
1)Is it advisable and necessary to put in static protection? I am talking abt those generated when you drag your feet against a carpeted floor and then touching the door knob, for example.

2)Is it true that I only need to protect those pins configured as input pins? or output pins would also need to be protected?

3) Am thinking of using a pair of schottky diodes for input pin protection. see attached. got the idea from Tackle ESD protection at PCB level | Your Electronics Open Source. Would it be the same if output pins need to be protected too?




sounds good! :D

how abt my query abt protection of output pins? is it necessary, assuming the IC does not hv protection diodes like the PIC?


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Some documents recommend a low value series resistor in series with an input pin in order to limit the current thru the internal protection diodes, say a 220R.
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