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programming language...any help


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Can any body help me make a program in any programming language of the output of smith chart.The needed output must be plotting the points on the chart.For example you give the value of Zo and Zt and ur required to look for reflection coefficient, VSWR and etc. Thanks...i really appreciate any help. Thank you and God Bless!


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One requirement in my subject wire communication is to make a program of a smith chart. The output that our instructor want is the plotting of points on the chart. For example your given input the value of Zo and Zt, and then your required to solve for the reclection coefficient, VSWR, length of the stub matching, and etc., you can solve this mathematically but what our instructor want is to plot the output directly on the smith chart.

Thanks kinjal...I really appreciate your effort to help. Thanks andGod Bless!


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A quick question, does this have to run on a micro controller or can it run on a PC?

If it's for a PC, search google for "smith chart software". You'll find what you need. This page has a few programs on it: http://www.sss-mag.com/toptensw.html

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