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Programmed decade bcd counter.

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I need since along time to build a specific counter circuit.

If anybody may help me, I will be thanks a lot.

The features circuit are as following:

1.- It must to be programmed of 0000 to 1001.
2.- It must to be 10 steps ( 0 - 9 ).
3.- It must to have a load pin ( to load the program ).
4.- It must to count up/down.
5.- When it reach state 0000, stop it.
6.- That I can stop the count any time and visualize it. ( 7 segment display)
7.- It must to have a reset button for load the program again.
8.- It must to have a start button, ( when I want).

I found the 74LS192 integrated circuit, BUT I can't to find it in Chile.

If anybody can to get it, say me how and where. Please.
I would be grateful if you would send me the informations.

Thank you very much.


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well we had a project like this but except the down counting part.well i think its similar to 3digits and you can find the sources from internet if u want to design a project like this.and i think this site should be another starting point for u too.it tells about designing things like that in the beginning http://www.doctronics.co.uk/4510.htm.
good luck! :wink:


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OK thank you very much by answers...


The project that design, try about controling the 24 seconds in a basketball macth.
If somebody have the circuit, please send me to : [email protected]

PS: The integrated must be programmable.
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