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(Please Help) Portable solare powered powerbank

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Tis is a project I chose to do as my degrees final year project.

Abstract: I am going to design and build a portable solar powered device which is able to charge a USB device and drive a 4w fan. It also includes lithium ion batteries to store energy in case the direct illumination is not present.
*Portable ( foldable pv panel)
*Efficient ( combination of MPPT and PMW)
*keep the fan running in full speed and charge USB devices at the same time.(Ideally)
* Prevent the battery from getting over-charged and over-discharged.
*Satisfy USB devices charging specifications.(assuming be able to charge a mobile phones 3500mah battery within 1 hours in full illumination)
*relatively low cost.

I would appreciate it if you guys help me to find out where should I start in calculating . what steps should I take. what information's do I need. Components have to carefully calculated so u have to keep assumption minimal. In the end of the day this is a device that I eventually need to build and it has to work.
P.S: attached a diagram of the system.



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We do not do your homework for you, also on this website forum.
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