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PIR Sensor Ciruit

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hi guys... i am working on a project which basically contians a PIR sensor. Since PIR sensor detects the motion of human in its range it glows a LED and after some time if a human is still inthe range the LED turns off. i want to take signal from this LED. basically i want top make a circuit that a human can manually turn on the TV this ciruit should be connected witha TV. when human wants to watch the TV it will manually turn on but after turning on when PIR detects the absence of human motion i want a delay of 1 minute which is basically be done be using counter i dun want to use 555 timer so after 1 minute delay it will give signal to relay and the relay will turn off my TV.

please guys i need yur help witht this ciruit i dun know wot to do...
thank you for that


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PIRs can't detect people who aren't moving. You are going to have to have some warning that the TV is going to turn off, to allow the viewer to wave at the PIR sensor. I don't think the viewers will like it.....

There are lots of PIR and timer circuits on the web if you want to try. An automatic light switch and a relay might well work.
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