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Pink Atom Module


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Can you recommend where i can buy some 2 SD1071 that works? On the flywheel I just move the wedge track so I fix it! How do you measure if 2SD1071 is ok and with what type of test instrument, what values should you have? Feels like I'm close now!


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Its a bit hard to see in the pictures, but the markings are the same on both transistors. But the one on the right is faulty, poor gain & will give intermitent spark or none at all.1.JPG2.JPG3.JPG


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In one of the few threads, we discussed another possible substitute.

You can make a quick circuit to measure Hfe. You need a base resitor and a voltage source above 0.6V and a collector resistor to +V. Connect the emitter to ground. Right now, I'm too tired to look at the datasheet and suggest values.

You would measure the voltage across the collector resistor and convert to current i.e. Ic
Measure the voltage across the base resistor and determine Ib
Hfe = Ic/Ib

Those component testers and similar are really cheap as kits on www.banggood.com. Like less than $30.00 USD.

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