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Philips 32pt71-b129 Stopped Working

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Hi, I have the above mentioned TV that I only use in my workout room. Suddenly it didn't turn on and here's what it does. When hitting power, the red LED comes on for a few seconds, then I hear a click and the LED goes away, then after a few seconds the LED comes on for a second, goes away comes back for a second and then goes away for another 5 seconds or so and just repeats that double flash. Every once and a while when I turn it on for the first time I'll see a flash of a blue screen before it goes back to the same procedure. Anyone have an idea as to what's going on w/ this? Thanks!


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It's hiccupping. The TV has a serious fault with it's power supply or horizontal output. Both involve hard to get specialised parts and *lethal voltages*. So your best option is to get a professional to repair it or just buy a new TV.
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