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pcb design of voltage sensor

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Hello People, I am designing a PCB for Voltage sensors. In this card, A Hall effect Voltage sensor is there which measures voltages by changing them into currents through resistors. The output of it is also a current which is changed to voltage by a burden resistor. The voltage output is then passed to an-opamp(LF347_) for buffer and gain.
Supplies are +15V , -15V and 0V. Schematic, pcb images are given below. Since I am a noobie, I want it to be verified by experts. Please give comments for improvements.
Thank you
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Middle of picture there is a problem
The big red traces make me think there is big current flow. Look at your red trace the resistor(?) cuts the trace to almost nothing. The capacitor also does the same.
Here I moves the resistor(?) up so the big red trace is ready for large currents. I would probable move the cap up to. Also the small component top pin does not connect to green. You need a trace going up and a "via" to green!!!
In the old days this was not liked. There is a non 90 degree connection. I think it is not so bad now but.... You have a number of these.
Some thing more like this:
Not important but I would turn around the connector so the traces connect easy.


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