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pc power supply only 5vsb supply

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hi, i put the resistor R23 which was smd, but i put through hole resistor and it started working and it stopped becoz the solder came out,its too difficult to solder with my big solder point .. when i tried to solder again the whole strip came off teared apart.. ,please help me in identifying connections in this pcb...
i get 16v at one end of the resistor but nothing on other end of it which is connected to junction.. i dont understand what result to get .. what points to join now.. there are some copper heads visible when i scrached to see the line so i can jump .. (just tried youtubing what to do when pads are damaged) hope i can repair it with your help
this is a powersupply 400w mercury ,i tried to get schematics to show here.. but i couldnt find any in internet..


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