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  1. E

    PSU(Meanwell IRM-01-5) protection

    Hello guys! Since i am new here first I would like to apologize if i did draw this schematic wrong(i.e. lines do cross, etc.).It is a few days that i am using this online editor so i am still in the learning process and need to gain a bit more expirience. I created followed circuit:555 timer...
  2. P

    pc power supply only 5vsb supply

    hi, i put the resistor R23 which was smd, but i put through hole resistor and it started working and it stopped becoz the solder came out,its too difficult to solder with my big solder point .. when i tried to solder again the whole strip came off teared apart.. ,please help me in identifying...
  3. H

    ATX PSU Silverstone ET550-G cannot power on again after thunderstorm

    Hello members, The PSU was running when a lightning bolt struck far away. turned off and cannot power on again. so probably overvoltage exposed. I opened the PSU to replace the fuse. it is a ceramic one, therefore I cannot see at first sight if it is blown. Also removal seems unnecessarily...
  4. D

    unregulated power supply - unstable output or no output at all

    This might be a super obvious question to most over here, but I know nothing about power supplies, so please bear with as I try to explain what is going on. I have one of these SPS705 68VDC power supplies running inside a rather simple stepper motor control box...
  5. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Testing multiple output IPSU with dummy load

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on a new project that consists in developing a dummy load to test a multiple output IPSU, it has 9 rails and their voltage ranges from 1.25V to 5V, the output current should be less than 1A, but for testing purposes let's consider 1.5A. The idea is to have...
  6. K

    Transistor regulated power supply problem

    this is the schematic ive built. Its designed to give an adjustable output of 35-50v, the question is which part do i have to change to make it work below 35v. I have this connected to a 24v transformer and all it gives out is 35v(no matter the pot position). I know this is very simple for some.
  7. riccardo

    AC-DC PSU 15V, 2A - Where to buy a compact module?

    Hi, Does anyone know of something to convert 240V mains to 15V DC at upto 2A? I want it to be as compact as possible. I've been looking for PCB mounted modules but the price and size of them seems ridiculous. For example; Farnell sell a VTX-214-030-115 for £20. You can buy a whole bench PSU...

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