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Onkyo stereo receiver poor output

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I noticed that my Onkyo stereo receiver started to lose power output in some of the channels. I switched some of the speaker cables to determine that it was certain outputs and not the speakers. Some of the channels do not have any real signal and some have very weak output. How can I determine what is causing this and if it would be inexpensive to repair. My father said it sounds like rectifiers or something like that but I am not familiar with what he meant. I opened it up and see that it appear that each output jack traces back to a seperate power sink and component. The component is glued to the aluminum? heatsink with white (lithium?) compound.

Any advice would be great, otherwise I'll have to toss this out and hope for a new one for xmas.


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Low Levels

Is it a stereo receiver or a surround sound receiver? You mentioned multiple channels.
If it is a surround sound receiver, put it in a test mode or run it on 5 or 7 channel mode and check the output to see it they are all the same level.If yes then it may be the surround sound mode you are using that is giving you the low levels.Depending on the mode the levels will not all be the same from all the channels.Try the tests mentioned above and let us know what you come up with.Good luck


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Most amps of recent decades use some kind of large power IC with a lot of pins to do the amplifier job. That's what is connected to the heatsink. That is likely what went south.
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