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OLED SSD1306 character generator

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Hi everyone, I am working on temperature measuring gadget using SSD1306 OLED 128 x 64 pixels as display unit, bought on Aliexpress.
After I successfully finished I2C communication with my PIC24 microcontroller, I had to make some character patterns. For this purpose
I created small utility for windows - character generator.
I am attaching exe file believing that it can be useful also for anybody else. I made it in Visual Basic Express (.NET installed is necessary).

Here is simplest mandatory configuration stream required to be send before any GDDRAM stream feeding:

8D 14 AF 20 01 21 00 77 22 00 03

8D 14 AF - for charge pump and display on
20 01 - setting for vertical addressing mode (my exe tool generates data for vertical mode only ! maybe later I will improve it for more flexibility)
21 00 77 - column start and end address
22 00 03 - page start and page end address

After that OLED should be ready to display GDDRAM data (in my case does.)

I do always send data in stream (Co byte set to 0), regardless of that if I am sending just one byte or byte stream. It still works well !
Enjoy !


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