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% of faulty IC's

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I seem to always get 1 faulty IC when I buy a kit or buy parts .

MY Q is, Have you guys ever bought faulty IC's.
What would be the percentace/ratio of bad to good.


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faulty ic

:D hi

you are not the only one who is encountering that kind of problem, :oops: i also have that, especially that we have lots of semiconductor manufacturers now. some of them are reliable and some questionable. another aspect that adds to our problem is the marketing style of some electronic stores and manufacturers. these manufacturers lower their price from the reliable manufacturers, and these electronic stores also buy this and sell it at either the same price of the reliable item or a little bit lower. :x for a buyer who is not aware of this, he will just buy not knowing that what he bought is inferior quality. :twisted: :twisted: :shock: the electronic store makes more money out of this scheme :evil: :evil: :evil:

however i have licked that kind of problem, since i am a valued client of where i buy my parts they always give give the reliable items + if the thing does not work i could return it and have it replaced at no extra cost :wink:
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