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OBD II interface modification

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Just want to gather some opinions from the experts here. Ive been thinking of a project which involves OBD II live data and a PIC. How hard would it be to modify an OBD II kit like this one: obddiag.net

to output live data to a PIC? I know this reader is made with PIC's and outputs the data to a PC with USB. For example, rather than output the data to software on a PC for coolant temp Id like to be able to use the live data to control LED's or an LCD with a PIC.

Is this to far fetched or is it possible? Any information would be helpful!



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This thing is only meant to pass the data from the OBDII connector to the USB, it doesn't actually do anything with it, so you'll have to write the code yourself to interpret the data. It looks like he only supplies a hex file, so I'm guessing your entirely on your own for coding.
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