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Newsgroup threads read-only?

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New Member
I'm assuming the new newsgroup threads are read-only, or do you actually post anything originating from this site back to the newsgroup?

If they are read-only, can the forums themselves be marked as read-only so people don't post there thinking they're going to take part in the conversation?

If they aren't read-only, then cool. :p


Hi Smanches,

I was hoping to archive the newsgroups into those forums as there is some pretty decent content within them. My plan was to have it so that if you post in their it posts to the newsgroup but it has proven more difficult that first thought.

Since there is very little archived i will probably remove it and then work on it behind the scenes.

Thanks for bringing it up, if you have any further ideas for it or if any other members have any feedback on the Newsgroup forums please do post a reply.

Not open for further replies.

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