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email notification for new replies to subscribed threads


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Whenever someone replies to a private, I get a notification via an email and it really helps. Is there any way to turn on notifications for any new replies to watched or subscribed threads? Thanks


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Just below the reply box, is a button marked More Options

Click on that button and you will find check boxes for Watch this thread and and receive email notifications

Click on those check boxes and you should receive notifications.



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Thank you.

But ta setting in the control panel would be helpful so that one doesn't need to check 'receive email notifications' for every new thread. For example, in case of private conversations, I always get the notifications because in the control panel I have checked this. Anyway, thank you.


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Look at ... ..

Top RH corner of screen, under 'Search' panel .. ..it will show 3 boxes .. .. 'PG1995' .. .. 'Inbox' .. .. 'Alerts' ..

Hover mouse over 'PG1995' and then select 'Alert Preferences' in drop down box .. .. that will show 5 options for message alerts.

Simples ! :)


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