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newBie helP with lIne tracker...

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definitelY newbie with robotics, hence,our prof required us to make a line tracking robot, which i know is a frequent topic here,and said we should modify it...so i was wondering, is it possible for the robot to follow a specific color?i am aware that the requently used colored is black(or is it white!?:p),but i want it to follow a specific color that i will provide(limitedly),let's say a red one,a green one, a yellow one, or a blue one, and of corz the black and white ones..uhm..these are indeed the "usual" colors of LEDs..u see am planning for the robot to detect the color i want it to, and in its chasis,the specific LED color that i've chosen it to follow will light as well...and if not too much..i'd like it to have a light on the front so it can work in the dark..what do you think??possible...for a Newbie:eek:?/
hehe..thanks so much!!!!


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forgot to tell you...i was planning for the different colors(yellow,green,blue,white,black,etc.)to be placed on the floor all at once not one at a time.So it will really be too complex.I am also planning on not using an MIC or a Programmable...since it's expensive here in our place..I've seen Mr. David Cook's sandwhich and sweet line tracking robots, and he didn't use any MIc or Programmables.....in fact am considering on using his design as basicand thus, modifying it later on.it's free right!?so sorry...just really plain "newbie..i still don't know how MIC works.huhu..need help...so much..

Can it be done?

if so...advice please....

in grave danger if not..huhu


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You should consider capitals and periods.

If you want multiple colours you will definately need a uC, or a lot of wire and chips.
Would you be willing to investigate?


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Sorry,got into the whole no-formal-writing thing..

Anyway would it be possible?has someone done it yet?i won't be copying his/her design.I just want to see how it was done..haha:D.I'll just use it for reference;).But really kidding aside,definitely willing,need it,so badly.

am also in a low-budget-only policy,not of my prof's,but mine.

So many to consider right?but really want the robot to be done.

So there you go.Willing to do.Can you at least help me with my some of my concerns as i go along the way.And bout the design that i can use as my reference?

Thank you so much!

btw..what's a uC?:confused:..sorry!


The only difference between the "standard" line follower and what you are describing here, is afaik, that you want to follow "specific" color. Now, do you want to have the color "hardcoded" or you want your robot to "choose what color to follow". If you want to hardcode the color, you can add semitransparent colored films in front of your standard light receivers and they will detect only certain color. If you want full range / selection, you'd have to either go with 3 (rgb) detectors for each sensor, or you have to go with some color sensory detector ... of course, you can go with a camera and software for recognising shapes and stuff but that is probably out of your budget.

All in all, select the uC of choice (pic or avr or ti or ..), make few different sensors, learn how to read the sensors, then make some h-bridge to control a dc motor, experiment with motor speed control ... then just put that all together ... you have 2 sensors and 2 motors .. keep the robot on a line, if one sensor is "off the line" give motor on that side more juice (or cut the feed to the other one) - the algorithm is fairly simple :D as you can see ..
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