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New Renewable Energy Forum

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Hi Guy's,
Well after alot of hard work the new Renewable Energy forum has started. In time all the RE related threads from the Alternate Energy forum will be moved over. The Renewable Energy forum is for posting threads about mainstream RE topics like Solar, Wind, Hydro etc. The Alternate Energy forum has been made a sub forum and all non related RE topics should/will go into the alternate energy forum.

In time a RE based projects section will be added where all members can participate in the design, thus making a good source of open source RE based designs like charge controllers, PV tracker controllers etc.

With member support we can make the Renewable Energy forum a great resource and a valued asset to this great forum.

Regards Bryan1


Why doesn't my Stan Meyers HHO generator make enough gas to run my Ford Explorer? :)

Just kidding Bryan, I know it's going to be tough keeping things sorted here. I'm getting started with solar. Got enough to light my house with LEDs if the power goes out, about a day I'd guess. Hope to get up to running a few small appliances (coffee related) soon. And no, I don't mess with HHO type stuff, its dangerous...

Unfortunately, there seems like quite a few people on this, and other forums, that think those hydrogen generators are just as valid as wind or solar. They just don't get that the output will never come close to what you need to put into it, then there is storage of the gas...

Anyway, good luck.

mvs sarma

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Congrats to the Electro tech owner and administrators for this new RE Forum. I have just come to know thro Bryan1 over a chat
I feel it is up members' need and could well serve to capture , digest and promote Renewable energy applications. I also foresee certain new innovative ideas from our members.

Congratulations All the best for a renewed upgrade of the forum itself thro' this RE sub section.
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