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Verification of green energy production


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Good day to everyone!

I would highly appreciate if you could answer the following question: what are existing methods to verify that the power coming from a generating company is produced with the use of renewables?
For example, if a generating company produces power with the use of a fueled generator but claims that the generation is based on solar or wind power, how to check it?
Maybe you could advise me appropriate literature on this topic?

Thank you in advance.


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You wont have any idea, except they usualy charge more for green energy. My exess solar energy i export they pay 1c/Kw, then charge 35c/Kw for my imported power at night.


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As far as I am concerned, this whole "Green energy" thing is a good idea in principle, but there has to be full transparency in order for everything to be considered and properly weighed against current non-green-energy, to fully evaluate whether it is the better option.
For instance, a wind turbine generator motor sits atop a huge metal tower, with long turbine blades, and miles of cabling to connect it to the grid, since nobody wants these things in their back yard. All of the manufacturing operations which are required to produce those extra parts, when compared to just the generator itself, have a carbon footprint. It seems that this carbon footprint gets glossed-over and the wind turbine as-a-whole is portrayed as the next messiah.

That same generator motor, in a different location that does not require all of the additional parts such as carbon fibre blades and a huge metal tower, may actually have less of a carbon footprint when the total manufacturing costs are taken into consideration.


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what are existing methods to verify that the power coming from a generating company is produced with the use of renewables?
There are no methods, existing or in the future. Think about a flashlight with two D cells. Is there any way for the light bulb to read the labels to confirm that both batteries are Duracells, as opposed to Eveready's? No.


Nigel Goodwin

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The entire idea is crazy - you usually get your power via a National Grid network, the input to that network is from ALL types of power generation, there's no way to route specific sources to specific destinations.

Assuming your energy supplier 'claims' they only supply 'green power' all that means is that they pay a green generator for the power they sell, and that power is simply squirted in to the grid and used by everyone (along with all other generated power).

So while you're paying for green power, you're not actually receiving it, or at least no more than anyone else.


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If you mean specifically some power generation site, then some audit should be able to tell whether they are burning biomass or coal. Other than that, no way to tell anything.

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