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Dual energy generation with magnetic Seesaw system and gravity

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Initial success is the first step of full success and it will consume very less amount of energy due to balance or seesaw system and give back more than its consume. Please review carefully again and just think again about this point
Think about what you are saying. If that's true the machine will eventually gain sufficient energy to fold space, destroy the machine, the earth and the universe.



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I brought this thread up with the moderators and we have decided to close it. Per our terms of service:


Controversial topics such as:
  • politics,
  • religion,
  • politically biased science,
  • climate change,
  • over-unity/free energy,
  • conspiracy theories,
  • space alien abduction,
are not necessarily off limits.

However, unless you can provide scientific proof or evidence, we do not recommend pushing these topics on others.

If not discussed in an open and neutral manner, threads or posts of such topics may be locked or deleted at the discretion of the moderators and/or administrator.
Since you are unable to provide concrete scientific proof that your "machine" is doing what you claim it's doing, this thread is now locked. The moderators have elected not to hold such topics if the thread-starter is incapable of providing scientific proof as it is effectively a scam and will lead to undesired consequences down the road.
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