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Need your help to install the Simens electric hob

Dam Vu

New Member
Hi everyone,
My name is Dam Vu, i'm from Vietnam.

I have an induction Electric hob model: EY645CXB1E / 01. My sister had bought from Germany and ship by air to Vietnam for my family.

It's have 4 pin connection to power and S-cable for signal to Oven. But i don't have the oven. I've already connect 1ph 220V power after looking the board inside. But the S-data cable i can not trick it. The electric hob have 2 connect data cable (1 note P outside and 1 note S outside). If i don't connect S-cable to P pin, the electric hob had errors (E all the 7 seg-led), hold the Boost key the errors shown is "0 6 12". If i connect S-cable to P pin, nothing display, i choose the any key, no response.
Some technical in Vietnnam said that this model will not work if don't have the microwave includes. I search from internet, my model not have the microwave includes. So please help me what can i do to make the electric hob can working. I use 1Ph 220V 50 Hz.

(please see the attached photo for more details)
Errors when not connect to P pin 2.jpgErrors when not connect to P pin.jpgOver view.jpgBoard control.jpg
Thank you so much!

Dam Vu

New Member
Dear Mr. Inquisitive,
Thanks for your support. In the errors code do not have my errors code. But as the operation struction in the manual, i saw it must have been connected to the control switch in the oven below the inductions electric hob. When you turn clockwide the control from No.1 to No. 9 the induction hob will turn on with the power level you choose.
So do you have the schematic of control board from the oven? Special volume control switch.

Thanks you so much!
Dam Vu



Super Moderator
I Googled that manual from Siemens website. I did not see schematics there.

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