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Need some heavy duty treads!

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Does anyone know where I can get some heavy duty threads, if possible I would just like to purchase a platform that has the whole deal - hubs, treads and motors. This way I can concentrate on the "brains" of the robot.



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Robot chassis

I recently went to a house-clearance auction -- amongst all the junk and furniture I saw an electric chair with a little joystick control on the chair arm ....
It sold for a few pounds ....
I thought at the time this was a good robot chassis !


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thanks. I will take a look at electric chairs.

I also found a picture of the type of treads I would like to use - anyone know how I could make these or where I can buy something similar?




I'm thinking about using mountain bike chains. I'll need about 5 chains per tread which is about 7.5mm wide per chain. This works quite well on rough terrain but tends to skid alot of slippery surfaces such as tiles.

On a conventional tread, if the tread comes off the whole thing becomes undrivable, whereas in the bike chain idea, if one chain comes off you still have 4 chains on that side.
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