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need help w/ I.R ckt.

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hello once again I'm back with a
much more intersting topic now that i've got
a decent ps to start my projects.
i need some help designing an I.R ckt
that will be able to send two different signals
to two different receivers without mixing them
I don't have much experiece (well almost none) :oops:
with these ckt's this is what i came up with.
could someone please help me with this.
I'm completely lost here. :( anything will be greatly appreciated.
oh and i appologize for the schematic i had to use ms-paint



Why use 2 ir leds when 1 will do ?

All you need to do is have 1 transistor driver fed with 2 different signals.

2 oscillators running at different frequencies will do the job, then your receivers need to be matched to each osc.

come back if you need any more help


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so the ckt final ckt would have 1 emitter ckt 2 receiver ckts

now here's another one for u how do i go
'bout building the above ckt (the osc. and fed.)


This would seem to be a good application of the LM567 PLL tone decoder.

You could encode your IR signals at 2 different frequencies, and then have a separate decoder for each frequency.

Having given you a start, perhaps you can do the rest yourself - find out how to use this chip. Give us a shout if you need help.


I believe - but anyone can correct me - that the 567 can be used for encoded audio signals. I'm not sure how - I've never tried it, but I'll do some research and get back to you.


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tnx for the info i'm going to look into it

are there any equivalents to the 567
'cause i have a couple of old modems and
was wondering if i could use any of those parts.

and on a different note while i was searching for parts the
i ccame across something i had forgotten about a very old pc
an 8088 :shock: now i have no idea where i got it from
so i was wondering what can i do w/ it
and could anyone get me the data sheet for it (the 8088)
tnx :D
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